Lanna Thai Massage Traditional Medical School

Approved by the department of Pirate education.  Education  of Thailand

and  Ministry of public  Health.

Establishment  14 May  2001

Open daily From Monday - Friday

09.00 A.M. - 16.00 P.M.

Lanna Thai Massage Traditional Medical School in Chiang Mai is the first school in Chang Mai which owner and director is graduated master teacher of the department of Thai Traditional and Complementary medicine.

The School offer difference kind of therapy massage course depending on how much time the student has.All course are approved by the Thai Traditional Medicine council. After completing the course the student will be able to perform a safe and effective therapy massage.This kind of massage which cures the cause of the disease not only the symptoms therefore it is an effective way of treatment  without the use of medicines and surgery



Visitors: 16,530